Let’s face it, Mawmas, life is full of messy moments.

Whether it’s chaos at work, tantrums at home or just the craziness of every day, there’s no denying that things can get a bit messy. So, while being a “hot mess” may come with the territory, so is the need to give yourself a break or take a moment to enjoy — and dare I say celebrate — the messy moments that life throws our way.

Crafted with the award-winning winemakers at Summerland Wine Brands, Messy Mawma Wine is the perfect partner in crime for Friday nights with the gals, your plus one to your favorite reality-show binge session, or the wind-down drink of choice after a long day. With two varietals — Tantrum Chardonnay and Chaos Cabernet Sauvignon — there’s a Messy Mawma Wine for every occasion, so you can raise a glass to every #messymawmamoment life brings. 

Keep it messy, Mawmas. Xo, Snooki